Perth Bridge. From an original painting by Perth RSCDS member Margaret Breckenridge.

The Perth and Perthshire Branch of the RSCDS runs a series of classes, dances and social events throughout the year.

Events are in Perth unless otherwise stated.

Classes 2022/2023

Classes will be run according to RSCDS / sportscotland guidelines.

  • General Class: Tuesdays from 13th September until 29th November 2022, and 10th January until 4th April 2023. 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Tryst Hall, Pitlochry, PH16 5EB. Teacher is Linda Gaul. £2 for members, £2.50 for non-members.
  • Beginners/Refreshers/General Class: Wednesday from 14th September until 14th December 2022, and 11th January until 29th March 2023. 7.00pm to 8.00pm Beginners/Refreshers, General 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Doors open 6.50pm. Perth Methodist Church, Scott St, Perth, PH2 8JN. Teacher is Fiona Goudie. £4 for members, £5 for non-members, £2 for Beginners/Refreshers (first hour only).
  • General Class: Thursdays from 15th September until 15th December 2022, and 12th January until 30th March 2023.  2.00pm to 3.30pm. St Matthews Church Hall, Tay St, Perth, PH1 5LQ. Teacher is Rae Farrow.  £3 for members, £3.50 for non-members.
  • Experienced Class: Thursdays from 15th September until 15th December 2022, and 12th January until 30th March 2023.  7.30pm to 9.30pm. Doors open 7.15pm. Methodist Church, Scott St, Perth, PH2 8JN. Teacher is Judith Borup.  £4 for members, £5 for non-members.

Please email for further information regarding any of the above classes.

Covid 19 Guidelines for Branch Autumn and Winter Classes

We have now moved into the ‘living with Covid’ phase. Please find below the guidelines that will be followed at Autumn and Winter Classes in line with the updated guidance from the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been advised to isolate.
Please sanitise your hands regularly.
The doors / windows may be open so a jumper could be useful.
If you have any questions, please contact the Branch Secretary on or speak with your class teacher.

Spring and Summer Events 2023

Perth Ball 2023

The ball is a bi-annual event but the timetable has been interrupted by Covid. The Branch has decided to hold a ball in 2023 to come back to its old schedule. The Radison Blu ( Station Hotel) is booked for Friday the 5th of May 2023. Jim Lindsay and his band will provide the music. An application form for ball tickets is attached in the link below;
The crib for the programme is in the link below:

Spring Classes and Summer Dances 2023

The dates and programmes for Spring Classes will be announced in early 2023.  Summer Dance dates and bands are listed below. Please view the website for further details. Classes and dances will be held at the Robert Douglas Memorial Institute in Scone starting at 7.30pm.  The 2023 programmes will be posted in due course.

There will be two ways of accessing the Cribs and Diagrams for the Summer Dances, namely by using the Strathspey Server or by going to the attachments below.  It is noted that many people like to look at videos of dances and this can be done easily using the Strathspey Server, which also has the Cribs and Diagrams.  Any difficulties please contact Rod Purcell (Secretary) at
Strathspey Server
To access the Perth Summer Dance Programmes on the Strathspey Server go to this link:-
Then in the ‘Filter Box’ on the right hand side enter the words ‘Perth Summer’.   You will then get a list of the 9 Perth Summer Dance Programmes.  
Select the appropriate Dance Programme – you will then get an Overview Tab with various other Tabs to select for Cribs, Diagrams, Videos.  Cribs and Diagrams can be downloaded in various formats and sizes to suit, whereas Videos are links to the YouTube videos of the dances.
Minicribs and Diagrams
Please find below the Cribs and Diagrams for the Perth Summer Dance Programme; these are supplied in Word so you can re-size as desired.  The individual link to the Dance Programme on the Strathspey Server is also supplied for convenience. (The 2022 cribs links are currently on the website and 2023 cribs will be provided as soon as they are available)
Spring Classes 2023:
2nd May – Musician : Marian Anderson/Teacher : Carol Bissett
9th May – Musician : Frank Thomson/Teacher : June Templeman
16th May – Musician : David Oswald/Teacher : Allana Creighton
23rd May – Musician : Nicol McLaren/Teacher : Deb Lees
30th May – Musician : James Coutts/Teacher : Fiona Goudie
6th June – Musician : Mo Rutherford/Teacher : Judith Borup
13th June – Musician : Euan Galloway/Teacher : Jane Rattray
20th June – Musician : Neil Copland/Teacher : Rae Farrow
27th June – Musician : Jim Lindsay/Teacher : Margaret Breckenridge
Dance Dates 2023:
4th July – Band: Marian Anderson/Teacher : To be announced (TBA)
11th July – Band: Frank Thomson
18th July – Band: James Coutts
25th July – Band: Neil Copeland
1st August – Band: Jim Lindsay
8th August – Band: Nicol McLaren
15th August – Band: Sandy Nixon
22nd August – Band: David Oswald
29th August – Band: Euan Galloway