Book Now On Sale: Dances from our ‘Devise a Dance Competition – Perth and Perthshire 95th Anniversary’

A book of dances containing all 16 of the dances submitted for the Branch’s 95th Anniversary dance competition is now on sale for £2.50 plus postage. There is no accompanying CD.

If you would like to buy a copy/copies of the book then please contact the Branch either via the ‘Contact’ page on the website or through the Branch email address:

Allana Creighton is co ordinating the sale of these books and those who know Allana may contact her directly.

The winning dance was ‘Highland Gateway’ 8*32J.

The other entries were:

A Tour Round Highland Perthshire – 8*32S

Dancing in Perthshire – 4*32s (square)

Perth Reels for Real – 4*32R        

Perth’s New Normal Jig – 4*32J

Branklyn Gardens – 8*32R

The Silvery Tay – 4*32R

Alive at 95 – A Perthshire Jig – 8*32J

Crossing that Bridge for Perth  95 – 8*32J

Oh to Go Dancing for Perth’s 95th – 8*32J

No Hands Allowed – 8*32R

Festival Fun – 4*32 R or J

The Ruby Menzies Strathspey – 3*32S

A Reel for Kitty – 4*32R

Rubies and Diamonds for Perth – 8*32S

Perth Celebrates – 4*32J (square)